Corporate Solutions

In-House Employee Health and Wellness

Ergonomic and Postural Consulting

In an office environment, poor sitting habits and repetitive daily movements can compromise employee health resulting in chronic pain and tension.

Repetitive stress injuries cost a great deal: lost production time, increased workers compensation costs, lower morale, and higher turnover.

Ergonomic and postural consulting is a hands-on approach to fight the costs of repetitive stress and chronic pain in the work place.


20 min. individual employee ergonomic consultation
3 employees per hour at $250 per hour


Workspace makeover:
Chair and computer height, desk adjustment

Posture coaching:
"How to sit,"  pertinent in-desk stretches


Personalized ergonomic product recommendations

Rolfing Structural Integration

For employees suffering from chronic pain (low-back, neck, shoulders, and carpal tunnel), Rolfing is a hands-on system of soft-tissue manipulation and movement education designed to balance your body by releasing tension and strain. Rolfing works to lengthen the connective tissue of the body creating space and relief for pinched nerves and over-taxed muscles. Rolfing moves beyond symptomatic relief focusing on whole body alignment for sustainable change.


Individual sessions can take place in a designated office space or off site at Highlands Wellness Center for smaller employee facilities.

The investment is $180 per 60 min individual session at Highlands Wellness Center or $250 per 60 min at your office. Mini-sessions are available for corporate health and wellness promotion.

Workplace Ergonomics Video