Allison Benner

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Practitioner Profile:

Since 2007, Allison has been a compassionate and dedicated therapist who tailors her multidisciplinary approach to meet each client's individual needs and pace. Allison helps you get to the root of painful patterns by recognizing and healing the interconnections between chronic pain, loss, trauma, and anxiety. She empowers you to process and heal past experiences so you can live life with greater ease and resilience.

Allison holds a B.A. from the University of Virginia, is a graduate of the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado, and has earned certificates in yoga and meditation from programs throughout India and the United States. She has received extensive training in visceral (organ), nerve, and craniosacral approaches to bodywork with the Barral and Upledger Institutes. She is also certified as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, in Touch Skills Training for Trauma Therapists, DARE (Dynamic Attachment Repatterning Experience) and as a MatrixWorks Group Genius Facilitator.

In her personal life, Allison is nourished by deep wilderness experiences and soulful community groups in the city. She considers it a privilege to support her clients and witness their positive change. Her goal is to help the people she works with gather enough "fireflies" of health until they can appreciate their own light. Allison is the founder of Rolfing & Somatic Solutions in Denver, CO, a community of therapists dedicated to supporting clients' physical and emotional health.

Allison's Unique Approach:

Allison combines deep listening, supportive touch, nervous system re-education, and authentic relating to help clients achieve vibrant health in their bodies, minds, and relationships.

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Allison's Office

Allison's office is located in the Highlands Wellness Center. Highlands Wellness offers its clientele a diverse community of therapists to effectively treat the interconnected nature of physical and emotional health.

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