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Jennifer P.

What an amazing journey it has been with Allison! We have been working together since 2019, through COVID when we started doing our sessions virtually and have continued since. It’s great to be in the comfort of my home as I work through challenges and various situations with Allison. It hasn’t been a deterrent at all and I actually prefer doing them virtually as it saves me precious time. I wouldn’t have considered myself someone who needed a therapist but I have benefitted so greatly from it and can’t recommend Allison enough. I have, in fact, recommended her to a few friends who love working with her as well. Who I am today and who I was when we started working together feel like two incredibly different people yet the same. I am a better version of myself and I feel the difference! I have grown so much from processing the trauma and pain that I didn’t even realize I had been harboring. We have worked through so many layers of my past and present that have come up. As a mother, she has helped me navigate the guilt that we moms seem to never shake. As a daughter and sister, I am continuing to chisel away at these complex relationships for a healthier connection. As an individual, I am coming into my own, setting boundaries, recognizing triggers, and feeling more empowered daily. I am grateful for Allison and the gift that she shares with me each month. I think anyone would benefit from working with her.

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Needed help with:
Somatic Experiencing Trauma Attachment

Kaylee, 35

Somatic Experiencing with Allison has been a total game changer. Allison holds safe space to touch on fear and anxiety, then guides you back to a feeling of safety, helping you connect pathways that you may not otherwise have access to on your own. As someone who often intellectualizes feelings, it’s been an important step in my healing journey to be guided into fully feeling. I have been dealing with attachment anxiety throughout my life and have worked with a variety of practitioners. Working with Allison has helped me find a deeper, more embodied healing than I have with traditional talk therapy.

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Needed help with:
Anxiety/Depression Attachment Embodiment Trauma Somatic Experiencing

Dan H

I’m a 64-year-old single male with some very traditional beliefs. 3-1/2 years ago, I mentioned to my chiropractor that I wanted to start exploring a more intensive journey and learn more about Yoga. My goal at the time was to increase my flexibility so I could expand my weight training.

Dr. Josh Vickers connected me to Allison Benner with this quote, “be open-minded, Allison will teach and help you with far more than just yoga.” I can confidently say he was so right!

Allison and I have spent an hour a week together online on zoom over the last 3-1/2 years not only working on expanding my Yoga experience/journey but so much more. The practice with Allison now spans from helping to navigate challenging life situations, relationship dynamics, day-to-day stress, injury recovery, and how all of this impacts our mind and body. I’ve gained awareness, the ability to manage very challenging life events, expanding physical and mental health, as well as emotional growth.

Recently, my youngest daughter left for college and we moved to a new home. While all pretty normal territory for most people, it was different for me. I raised my daughter as the primary care parent until she was 13 and then became a full-time parent. She was my purpose! I knew her going off to college was going to be harder for me than it was for her. The challenging role at work on top of everything else could have been very overwhelming and I risked missing some very positive awakening.

Through the work Allison and I have done, this event ended up being an amazing growth opportunity for both my daughter and I. I see, feel, and experience so much more of what life has to offer. I’m so very grateful for all Allison has done for me and look forward to continuing to explore, expand, and grow my practice with her.

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Needed help with:
Attachment Embodiment Yoga Therapy Stress Injury Somatic Experiencing

Jessie P.

I started seeing Allison two years ago for somatic therapy when I didn’t know how else to manage my chronic back pain. Through talk and movement we uncover past thoughts and traumas. Her work is systemic and profound. Allison has helped me process and respond to deeply rooted family patterns alongside situations in everyday life. Most importantly through our work she has changed my relationship with pain and has facilitated ongoing dialogue within my body. Allison holds space beautifully and I always leave my sessions feeling lighter and more empowered.

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Needed help with:
Chronic Pain Somatic Experiencing Trauma Attachment

Kristen Z.

Working with Allison using somatic therapy has been a true gift to heal my anxiety stemming from childhood and trauma from a bike accident. I was introduced to Allison after having a pretty severe bike accident, resulting in facial breaks, a concussion, and a very overactive nervous system.  She helped my body slowly tap into the trauma and fear from the accident in a safe and controlled way.  The process of experiencing small amounts of difficult memories at a time helped me revisit the event by focusing on listening to my body and its sensations, with the goal of relieving pain and calming my nervous system.  We have been able to take a very pivotal event in my life (ie. The bike accident) and allow that to dive far back into my own grief of my father’s passing 14 years ago.  We worked on grounding myself by using “tools” to allow my “up energy” (that’s how I experience my anxiety) to move down and out of my body, which in return gave me more stability emotionally and mentally.  

It feels important to mention we did all of this work together virtually.

I now live with a calmer nervous system and am able to tackle life in a way I have never experienced for over 35 years.  I am less charged and reactive, I am more focused, and I have healthier relationship boundaries.  Being an artist, a lot of my unhealthy childhood relationships had shaped and formed major walls that affected me creatively.  With all the work I have done with Allison for 3 years, she has helped me break down these creative walls and allow myself to fully engage and create in ways I have always dreamed.  I no longer stand in my own way of becoming my best self.

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Needed help with:
Anxiety/Depression Attachment Chronic Pain Embodiment Headaches / Migranes Injury Nerve Pain Trauma Somatic Experiencing

Justine B

Working with Allison has been a transformative experience. She has helped me to become more self-aware, action-oriented, and embodied. Allison creates a safe and supportive environment where I have felt able to fully engage and be free to address anything that comes up. She is a compassionate listener, always provides meaningful insight, and offers proactive tools that I can immediately integrate into my life.

In addition to the Somatic Experiencing work that we have done together, the attachment healing has been illuminating. Understanding attachment and the impact of my family of origin and how that plays out in my intimate relationships has allowed for differentiation, and a true, authentic connection, that’s secure.

Through our work together, I have been able to become more present and grounded in my daily life and I have noticed a significant improvement in my ability to manage stress and regulate my emotions. This has led to a greater sense of hope and overall well-being. I feel very lucky to have found Allison and this work.

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Needed help with:
Attachment Embodiment Stress Somatic Experiencing

Gabi V

Allison’s work blossoms in a digital space, she has completely mastered this experience. I once thought having physical distance would create a disconnect. What has actually opened up is a space in my own home (literally and figuratively) that would not have had the chance otherwise. There is something so special about having the opportunity to drop into these processes, outside office walls, and somewhere more intimate… the work can suddenly touch “the outside world”. Some days I have been in massive physical discomfort and she still efficiently brought relief to my body. The zoom experience is so effective, I find myself choosing online zoom sessions often to this day even when we don’t have to. Allison has become an innovative force with technology in her field.

Being a professional athlete of 15+ years, I had injuries and traumas head to toe. I hobbled into Allison’s multifaceted work with what I thought was just debilitating chronic back pain. I walked out the door more comfortable than any other modality I had tried in years. A world beyond the face value of my diagnosis was revealed. Strikingly, I felt something much deeper in me was healing, stretching me to reassess the way I approached “fixing and getting over an injury”.  

What’s most fascinating to me is how Allison’s work can touch all levels of body, mind, spirit, and soul… effectively and masterfully. Her work touches the interconnected underlying subtleties of our life experience. She has shown me a place where I can walk alongside my pain, grow and heal with it, and listen deeply.

Allison’s melting pot of offerings are a remedy for transformation that flow together effortlessly. Through Rolfing and yoga therapy we address pain and work structurally to reshape the way I use and move my body. The Somatic Experiencing helps by renegotiating past traumas in the body like injuries and other violating experiences for my body mind and heart, not only from athleticism but childhood as well. Utilizing DARE work, we reorganize how I am wired and respond to relationship, attachment and boundaries, evolving the ways I interact.

Allison’s work is the true definition of Wholistic. It’s a great privilege to work with her, and by far the most profound and sophisticated work I have ever come across. Her office has become a temple, that now also resides inside of me.

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Needed help with:
Attachment Chronic Pain Yoga Therapy Somatic Experiencing Trauma Rolfing Injury

Megan S

I came to work with Allison on my meandering journey to heal and build my system back up from a state of total burnout. In many ways my life has always tended to head towards burnout, but with two young children when the pandemic hit my ways of coping with stress were either unavailable or no longer enough. The cracks already present in my system were blown wide open…I was exhausted and completely disconnected from my ability to regulate in what felt like endless moments of overwhelm. For myself and my family it became increasingly clear I needed help finding my way back and I have spent the better part of the last two years trying to build myself back up.

I began my journey with traditional talk therapy which helped my mind, but didn’t get deep into my body. I then journeyed down the path of learning about the nervous system and how to more appropriately nourish myself through how I ate, moved, and structured my life. All these things helped, but it wasn’t until I began the Somatic Experiencing work with Allison that all the pieces really started to come together. It has been through my sessions with Allison that I have been able to radically change how I experience moments in my life, especially the moments that are full of overwhelm and intense emotions. She has helped me begin to repair my traumas, from the separation my daughter and I experienced after her birth, to my own attachment wounds that are being exposed as I parent my own children. In our time together, I have softened with myself and begun to learn how to differentiate whether I am embodying an experience of the present moment or an experience from my past.

In our sessions we don’t go searching for things to “fix.”  What needs to heal or repair has its own way of coming to the surface when ready. It’s been striking to me how much the work we do in each session weaves into my life. Experiences (including total shit-show breakdowns with my 5 year old, surprising relevant yoga classes, and eerily on-point podcasts and writings) keep showing up taking me deeper into it all.

In one of our early sessions, I shared with Allison that I had gone up in my closet and kicked a plastic box to smithereens after experiencing a really difficult interaction. I was worried it was wrong to have this kind of anger in me. Allison asked me, “What if kicking that box until you were done, breaking it into pieces, was nothing more than just that? Your body was following an urge until it was complete. What if it says nothing about you? Nothing is wrong with you; you are a woman who had an urge and you followed it. That is it.”  This blew my mind. For days since the incident of destroying the box I had done nothing but wonder aloud and in my head, “What is wrong with me? Why can’t I keep it together?” For the first time that narrative shifted and now said, “There is absolutely nothing wrong with me. I experienced a really challenging moment and had a lot of energy built up in my body. I let it out and it’s done. No one was hurt. I felt better. I got what I needed in that moment. We can move on.” And what I believe to be the most powerful part: every thread of my being believes this new narrative; my body believes this message from my brain and is settled by it. My body was not settled by the narrative my mind was previously playing on a loop about that moment. I have realized your mind can tell you stories but it’s your body that allows you to gauge if the story is true and informs you of your needs, past and present. This is what Allison has helped, and continues to help, me find. I will forever be grateful for our work together.

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Needed help with:
Attachment Embodiment Stress Trauma Somatic Experiencing

Lisa T

Working with Allison has been incredible! I spent 7+ years in talk therapy and I felt that this was an important part of my journey to be able to have a space to be able to express myself and be self reflective. However, I always felt like there was a missing piece to my struggle with anxiety and depression. Being able to work with the body and also with my attachment patterns has changed everything for me.

I have worked with Allison for less than a year and instead of having to cope with my anxiety and depression and stressors in relationships, I have noticed a shift towards my body finding a new reality. Relationships and situations that typically are incredibly stressful for me are starting to become more easeful and even enjoyable; it isn't because I am convincing myself with my mind to be different, but because my body has found more safety and in turn more expansiveness in all parts of my life. I have even seen relationships with family that have been a challenge for my entire life begin to move towards more safety and health. I couldn't recommend Allison enough!

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Needed help with:
Somatic Experiencing Anxiety/Depression Stress Attachment
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